Stacey Frankel

Owner / Plamere Licensed Fibroblast Plasma Specialist

I always used to say, “I will be happy and accepting of the way I age, letting nature do its course”. Then I hit 50 and that philosophy went straight out the window. My new motto is “I’m not going down without a fight!” 

I have tried Botox, fillers, contour threads, radio frequency and fibroblast plasma treatments.  I spent a lot of money, endured a lot of pain and at times settled for mediocre to unnoticeable results and/or treatments that wear off and need repeating within 3-4 months. When I decided to try Fibroblast plasma treatment, my focus was on tightening my jowls and lifting my hooded eyes (Partly caused by bad Botox placement).

I couldn’t believe I experienced absolutely no pain during the procedure and the results were phenomenal!

I knew this was something I wanted to share and provide as a service to help people feel and look amazing without going under the knife or wasting their time on other treatments that didn’t work or were out of their financial means

I use the best FDA registered Plasma pen available on the market: The Plamere Plasma Pen.